Reducing Your Risk Of Injury

The Mullingar Half Marathon is certified by the Athletics Association of Ireland (AAI). The AAI provide the following helpful tips to reduce your risk of injury:

As you increase your mileage, muscular aches and ‘niggles’ may occur, therefore build up gradually.

  • Never increase your mileage by more than 10% in a week; and never increase both speed and distance in the same week.
  • If the increasing mileage proves too tough, take an easy day or rest, as this will allow your body to refuel and recover.
  • Vary the running surface and the direction of your runs.
  • You don’t have to run all the time; include the use of a cross-training machine into your programme or cycling, rowing and swimming.
  • Warm up adequately with easy running to prepare your joints and muscles for your race pace; include stride outs, high knee lifts, heel kicks, and trunk twisting
  • Perform sustained static stretches after running to minimise muscle soreness and joint stiffness. This helps to prepare your body for your next running session
  • Never run if you feel unwell, and do not attempt to catch-up on lost mileage after illness/injury. This can cause further damage and result in a longer period away from running in order to recover. Better 3 – 4 days of rest than 3 – 4 weeks of frustration!

T.E.A.M (Temporary Emergency Accommodation Midlands), with support from Brendan Marshall
BSc, PhD (Sports Science and Health)